Improve purchasing transparency and efficiency.

Our Qlik Purchasing Solutions are totally customisable and provide you with the information you need to manage your supply chain, control costs and improve quality with instant analysis delivered straight to your desktop.  They enable you to manage complex contracts, bid processes and vendor performance and negotiate pricing with suppliers.

Our role-focused dashboards can be tailored to your organisation’s exact needs and are powerful, yet easy and intuitive to use.  They consolidate data from multiple data sources for better supply chain planning, budgeting and analysis.  Users can save time by having all key buying cycle metrics consolidated in one place.  This means issues can be identified quickly enabling  procurement departments to achieve measurable gains by reducing stock holding, improving demand planning and avoiding underperforming suppliers

  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Cost avoidance
  • Contract compliance
  • Delivery performance
  • Delivery schedule
  • Inventory
  • KPI reporting
  • Material variance
  • Outstanding orders
  • Procurement cycle time
  • Procurement ROI
  • Purchase price variance
  • Quality
  • Supplier scorecard
  • Total cost

“Qlik provides us with complete business transparency across the group and enables us to analyse consumer behaviour and improve our business performance”.

Jon Ford, Masco UK Window Group

“Once we saw Qlik from Informance, we lost interest in other business intelligence products”.

James Briggs, Chairman, Harboro Rubber

“Qlik from Informance has vastly improved our understanding of our performance and given us complete control of our business operations for maintaining and improving standards”.

Graham Wright, IT Manager, Aimia Foods

“Qlik enables us to do a lot more analysis of sales data and we are now far much more focused on purchasing in terms of getting better value”.

Phil Underhill, IT Manager, Tayto

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