Operate leaner, cut waste and boost efficiency.

Our Production Solutions, built using advanced analytics from Qlik, are totally customisable and provide you with instant information straight to your desktop for a live insight into production efficiency, planning and profitability.

These interactive dashboards give manufacturers the information they need to know exactly how much it costs to make the goods they produce and sell.  This eliminates the constant erosion of margins by exchange rate differences, raw material prices, poor production line management, plant maintenance and purchasing policies – all which have a detrimental impact on your production line profitability.

Our role-focused dashboards can be tailored to your exact needs and are powerful, yet easy and intuitive to use.  They consolidate data from multiple data sources into one view with real-time performance information for faster, more accurate decision-making.  Users can drill down to granular data which enables them to manage and control manufacturing activities with hourly measurements of overall equipment efficiency.

  • Asset management
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Bill of material
  • Costs
  • Count
  • Downtime
  • Inventory
  • KPI reporting
  • OEE
  • Efficiency variances
  • Output
  • Plant utilisation
  • Production efficiency
  • Quality control
  • Reject ratio
  • Repairs
  • Task time
  • Traceability
  • Waste management
  • What if analysis
  • WIP

“Qlik has improved our labour production as it has enabled us to quickly identify where there is waste in our factories”.

Phil Underhill, IT Manager, Tayto Group

“Qlik has made the creation of our weekly reporting data much quicker, easier and more accurate and we estimate the time savings in this regard could be as great as 50%”.

Murray Shaw, IT Manager, Bakkavor

“Implementing our Qlik solution has made a huge difference to our business”.

Ross Ashton, Financial Controller, Smithfield Foods

“Qlik has provided us with the ability to make incredibly timely decisions about production and it has  been a massive leap for our company and we can see no shortage of opportunities for the future.”

Jeff Turner, Head of IT, COOK Trading

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