Utilise staff and drive profitability with holistic information across your business.

Help HR professionals deploy employees strategically, drive profitability with business partnerships and view workforce, benefit, and recruitment data holistically across your organisation.

Our Qlik Human Resources Solutions, built using advanced analytics from Qlik are transforming the way organisations manage their human resources, recruitment and talent management capabilities by unlocking the true power of their data and giving HR leaders the information they need to drive business outcomes, performance and profitability.

People analytics is a top priority for most HR departments and they recognise the value in recruiting and performance strategies that enable them to hire the right talent.

Our role-focused dashboards can be tailored to your organisation’s exact needs and are powerful, yet easy and intuitive to use.  They cover all the unique key performance indicators of HR functions and enable HR managers to conduct in-depth personnel analysis for building up a profile of staff performance and candidate information.

Enhance your recruitment and human capital management

Our Qlik dashboards provide an intuitive, user-friendly platform for optimising performance, developing employee productivity and driving talent management strategies.

Improve people management and HR strategy 

HR teams around the world are using analytics to improve the way they manage their people. And to reinvent HR processes so they deliver more value to the business.  Our HR solutions, built using the Qlik analytics platform, are highly powerful, yet easy and intuitive enough to be used by non-technical HR experts.

The 3 major opportunities to add analytics to your HR department

Using data to measure and report on people and progress

Analytics haven’t traditionally been a part of the HR toolkit ― yet you’re sitting on a wealth of valuable data. With the right people analytics platform, you can better motivate and manage your people, create more relevant HR strategies, and transform the value HR contributes to your business.

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“Our Qlik solution gives us the data insight we need to analyse our workforce performance”.

Leon Bishop, Project Manager, Bakkavor

Business intelligence and data analytics just got easier.

Explore vast amounts of data and answer key objectives within your business. Share, collaborate and grow with the best business discovery and data analytics solutions available today.


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