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Instant access to corporate data enabling quality decisions with data, mind and heart.

TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub allows any business user instant access to relevant data, no matter the purpose. It is the next generation of data architecture, simplifying and automating the implementation and operation of the entire data infrastructure. There is no longer a need to stitch numerous tools together, nor a need to think about data preparation or fuss with long manual development cycles based on complex architectural designs.

To best support the speed of your business, the future must be automated and AI driven. Whether the need is to build advanced AI and predictive analytics models, support self-service data discovery or secure enterprise-wide reporting with one version of the truth, data will be instantly available in the correct format for your business’ needs.

Instant access to data isn’t a novelty, it’s a necessity that Discovery Hub provides today.

The metadata-driven approach in Discovery Hub encompasses an easy drag and drop interface, support for manual development, and is highly powered with AI, making it possible for implementations to be completed more than eight times faster. The operation is powerfully automated and is thus capable of handling the most advanced and complex situations.

Discovery Hub is designed with an Azure cloud-first approach supporting: Azure SQL DB, Azure SQL MI, Azure SQL DW, Azure Data Lake and additionally, MS SQL on-prem. This makes Discovery Hub the future-proof platform, that will take you on your journey to the Azure cloud, with the click of a button.

Re-development is no longer necessary when moving between technologies as they emerge. Writing documentation, securing compliance, understanding data lineage and maintaining security are all complicated tasks of the past – with Discovery Hub it’s all automated.

“We run on data and the need to access it easily and quickly is essential.  With TimeXtender’s seamless integration with Qlik, staff members now have instant access to data.  They can quickly identify what supplies shipped, where they were delivered and when they arrived.  TimeXtender’s technology and Discovery Hub’s approach helped us organise and build a better data model that provides quality, validation, and transparency.”

Dawn Long, Director of IT and Quality, Direct Relief

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We can provide Discovery Hub training as a hands-on workshop on-site.  If you would like to know more about Discovery Hub or would like to book training, please contact us.

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