Imagine that your boss asks you to move your on-prem analytics architecture to the cloud. Let’s say he or she gives you a deadline to finish this by the following week. What would your reaction be?

Would you panic, finding yourself immediately overwhelmed by the sheer size of such a project? Or, would you simply click a button, sip on your coffee and let your boss know the task has already been completed?

One-Click Migration

If you use Discovery Hub from TimeXtender, the second scenario would be your reality, allowing you to quickly move from on-prem to the cloud with ease and efficiency. Discovery Hub is Microsoft Azure Certified and supports you when migrating your existing on-premises modern data infrastructure – created through TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub software – to the cloud with the click of a button.

Discovery Hub is a modern software platform that enables you to build, deploy and manage an enterprise-grade, analytical architecture, supporting the journey to the cloud in both hybrid and full-cloud scenarios. By being powered by automation and AI, Discovery Hub enables instant access to any type of data, supporting easy merging of data from a wide variety of sources while using agile data modelling to effortlessly build a modern analytics environment that serves the needs of all business users and meets compliance needs.

Ready to Take the Journey to the Cloud?

If you are interested and would like to know more about Discovery Hub’s one-click cloud migration plus other features, contact us.