How to Drive Data Literacy – Report

Enterprises that embrace and extend the power of analytics throughout their organisation will be the leaders in the digital world. However, digital transformation initiatives are being held back by a lack of data literacy.

According to MIT, data literacy is the ability to read, work with, analyse and argue with data. It’s a skill which empowers all levels of workers to ask the right questions of data and machines, build knowledge, make decisions and communicate meaning with others.

Yet new research shows that those leading the business are struggling to master it, and there’s a widespread deficiency in data confidence.

Not only is this preventing them from thriving in their own leadership position in today’s analytics economy, but it is hampering their ability to drive a data cultural change across the organisation. And, in a new era where data is the new basis for competition and relied upon by global enterprises to derive insights and win the marketplace, this escalating skills gap is shackling success.

In this report, Qlik reveals new insights into data literacy across the enterprise. It also offers practical advice on how to empower enterprises and all employees with the data, tools and learning to achieve personal success and capitalise on an unprecedented economic opportunity.