/Webinar – Top BI trends for 2018




Webinar – Top BI trends for 2018

Join Informance on 17th January 2018 for the Qlik BI trends 2018 webinar and find out what’s ahead for BI and how you can make sure you’re prepared.

Recent events like the Equifax data leak and new regulations like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have increased the urgency for further change in the BI landscape and to move data out of silos.

We invite you to join Qlik’s global market intelligence lead and former Gartner analyst, Dan Sommer to learn what the top BI trends for 2018 will be.

During the webinar Dan will discuss:

  • What is the right strategy framework?
  • How can you easily move from ‘all data’ to ‘combinations of data’ to ‘data insights’?
  • Can data literacy and augmented intelligence create a data-driven culture, supporting the move of your data our of silos turning your data into insights?

Register for this webinar today and find out how you can further evolve your BI strategy.


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