Tes Global is a digital education company and market-leading source of news and information covering schools and the wider education sector.  It employs around 600 people in 7 countries and has offices in London, Sheffield, Dubai, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne. In 2015 Tes received an accolade of ‘Best Company to Work for’ and in the UK, Tes is ‘Number 1’ for teaching jobs and education hiring solutions.

Informance delivers a business intelligence (BI) platform with QlikView

Tes manages its worldwide education portal with QlikView having been introduced to Qlik in 2009 but aware of the BI solution since 2006. In 2009.  Tes was using a bespoke tool linked to News International, which it was part of at that time, with a recommendation for Qlik to come on board for BI. Tes engaged with Informance at the outset as they conducted their research, including online, and through personal recommendation. Tes took the decision that Informance stood out as the right consulting partner for a Qlik implementation.

The original use of QlikView was reporting for the commercial team with an application delivered within 2 months. The Informance approach and work was solid with the right data models built from the outset, with Tes embracing results immediately in finance and commercial from the data insights it gained.  While the sphere of commercial has changed, QlikView is, without exception, still used for BI, as it is a robust tool.

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