Bristows improves analytical reporting and accelerates cash flow with Qlik.

London law firm Bristows is utilising a Qlik legal solution from Informance to speed up its time-recording process, improve billing and accelerate cash flow throughout the firm. It’s Qlik legal dashboards, developed by Informance, give partners and staff all the financial analytical data they need to make faster, more informed business decisions.

Bristows is a full service, commercial law firm serving innovative companies and industry leaders around the world from its office in London. The firm has an international focus with approximately 80% of its clients being overseas, so for partners, having access to accurate and up-to-the-minute client information and being able to collaborate with stakeholders is vital.

Prior to installing its Qlik solution Bristows’ method for delivering information to its partners and staff was inadequate, time-consuming and not particularly well suited to driving behaviours in the way that the firm required. This led Bristows to select Qlik as its new business intelligence reporting solution for delivering faster, more accurate information across the firm in a more analytical and visual way.

Jerry Merton, partner and chief financial officer for Bristows says: “We wanted a business intelligence platform that would enable partners and staff to manage their own reporting and analysis and one that would deliver a more visual representation of our data to really drive home, with impact, the key areas of the business that needed focusing on.  I’d heard good things about Informance and its Qlik legal solutions and when they demonstrated the Qlik financial dashboards they were able to display our data immediately through an interface that was both powerful and user-friendly”.