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We are business intelligence experts who love data.

We are business intelligence experts with a proven track record of implementing successful data management solutions, built using advanced technology from Qlik, to a wide variety of business sectors.

Our customisable dashboards are designed to meet our customers’ unique requirements and can be implemented over any type of data source in a matter of weeks.

Over the years our business, technical and delivery expertise has gained us the accolade of Qlik Specialisation Partner within a number of business sectors and functions, meaning meaning you can be assured that a Qlik implementation from us will meet your organisation’s exact business and project requirements.

“Our Qlik apps, created by Informance, have transformed the way we work with our data and they support all the reporting processes we need.  Whilst you can have a good piece of technology like Qlik, you still need skilled people to come in and deliver the solution, which is why we chose Informance.”

Anthony Hurley, IT Manager, Niftylift

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Qlik Acquires CrunchBot and Crunch Data

Our partner Qlik has acquired CrunchBot and Crunch Data to Augment Conversational Analytics Capabilities. With CrunchBot's AI-powered analytics bot along with Crunch Data's  experienced team of AI and solution development professionals, users can interact with [...]



Webinar: Greencore boosts sales with Qlik solution from Informance

Webinar: Greencore boosts sales with Qlik solution from Informance

On-demand Webinar: Greencore boosts food sales Greencore Northampton is part of the Greencore Group plc - the largest producer of food-on-the-move in the UK with global annual sales of over £1.2 billion. This webinar explains how our Qlik solutions helped Greencore Northampton deliver quick and accurate business discovery and boost [...]
26/04/2018 - 26/04/2019

Case studies

Tes Global advances its data analytics with Qlik

Tes Global - a digital education company and market-leading source of news and information for the education sector - has advanced its data analytics and gained outstanding business insight with Informance-developed Qlik solutions. Tes uses Qlik to [...]


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Our experienced team of business and IT consultants are dedicated to delivering successful Qlik applications with a ‘ right-first-time’ approach.

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Our interactive, digital dashboards help you manage your business more efficiently and profitably through better data visualisation and business insight.

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Leading-edge Qlik solutions, measurable business benefits and happy clients.

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